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Key Features

Reduce Your Utility Costs with Energy Watchdog® Pro
  • Find utility bill problems and other savings opportunities FAST. Spot abnormal trends as you enter your utility bills with Energy Zoom!TM

  • Customize the Energy Watchdog Pro home page to meet your needs:
    (Sample 1), (Sample 2), (Sample 3), (Sample 4)

  • Run the Energy Watchdog Savings Sniffer to hunt down billing errors and inefficiency problems (sample 1), (sample 2). Check bills 15 different ways, and mark them for review!

  • Learn the secrets that utility auditors use to find savings with the help of the Utility ProfessorTM.

  • View and Print powerful analysis reports
    (Sample 1), (Sample 2), (Sample 3), (Sample 4)

More Powerful Energy Watchdog® Pro Features
  • Easy to use Bill Entry. Enter and track billing data for all utilities: Electric, Natural Gas, Water/Sewer, Fuel Oil, Propane, Steam, Telephone, Trash/Waste, and Recycling.

  • Track Advanced Bill Detail when needed. Track On and Off Peak demand, Transmission fees, Generation charges, and other billing factors.

  • Easily track complex Multiple Vendor Bills.

  • Track and access Account and, Building Information.

  • Set up Vendor Information quickly with Energy Watchdog's Master Vendor Library.

  • Powerful, customizable Attribute Tracking allows you to group and track information by regions, departments, cost centers, type of building construction, and anything else you find valuable. You create your own lists of attributes and assign them to users, account, buildings, or vendors.

  • Create utility use and cost Budgets and track results against actual bills.

  • Set up an unlimited number of Users with view only, standard, or administrative privileges.

  • Track and correlate Weather data to energy use with WeatherDogTM. Cooling Degree Day (CDD) and Heating Degree Day (HDD) weather data automatically uploaded from the National Weather Service for over 1,000 weather stations each month.

  • Track important Billing Notes right within the bill entry screen.

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